Children are FUSSY eaters - it's not you, it's them!

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

CHILDREN ARE FUSSY EATERS…yes, I bet many of you can relate to the numerous times that you have lovingly created a ‘gourmet’ meal or perhaps even separate meals for each member of your family, only to have a child say “YUCK, I DON”T LIKE THAT.” The child then refuses to eat any of the meal and just wants a sandwich or ice cream! This can then lead to other children following suit and before you know it, you are now whipping up more meals in order to appease the specific meal requests and to provide yourself with assurance that no-one will be hungry.

Parenting is a hard gig and understanding the unique traits of children – traits that often change day to day, particularly regarding food, requires enormous levels of patience. It is normal for children to be fussy eaters – to like a particular food one day, but refuse to eat it the next, to not like the texture or colour.

INTERESTING FACT – most children need to try a food 15-20 times before they will develop a liking for it! Add to this the quantity of food they eat – some days virtually nothing, the next eating you out of house and home! Their appetites fluctuate depending on their current level of growth and level of physical activity, general mood/well-being and what they are doing at the moment it is mealtime (if busy in play they are less likely to want to stop and eat, so advance notice may help). Also, young children like to explore everything – and this includes food (squishing, mixing, picking up and dropping down) – in other words PLAYING with food, much like celebrity chefs do when creating and tasting new recipes). This is normal and allows children to develop a sense of independence regarding food.

You can take solace in the fact that many parents face this problem – so why not share your tried and true recipes and tips with one another.

Attached below are links that contain a range of information and strategies to assist you through the FUSSY EATING period.

Recipes/Links to Recipe Books for Fussy Eaters

· Healthy Mummy – an Australian business that has many delicious, child friendly recipes for free or alternatively you can purchase the eBook for $3.75 (normally $25).

· Dr Justin Coulston, PhD in Psychology, a Logan local is world renowned for his parenting workshops and books, regularly makes guest appearances on television and contributes to national parenting websites. See link below to a book regarding fussy eaters.

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