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What is the Research Focus?

The ROSE way framework provides guidance on the development of the ‘research focus’ to assist your team in getting started. This focus is educator driven and in line with the current trends and topics of early childhood theory, practice and research.   This is one of the key differences to many planning tools currently being used in early childhood.  Common practice is to observe the children’s interests and then base the planning on this.  The ROSE way works in a different way to this by using a research and inquiry based approach to the planning and fusing this with the children’s emerging play ideas.

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How do I document the planning?

The educators journal is a space for educators only, it is a space where educators can brainstorm, put their questions, reflections and intentional planning. The way the journal is constructed allows the educator to construct their planning in a way that suits their learning style and replaces the need for a ‘template’ of activities.   
This is the space the recorded intentional teaching and planned experiences AND the notes and reflections of the implementations of the week are documented.

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How do I share the planning with families?

The ‘Emerging Learning Possibilities’ document is a tool used to share what you will be working on over the week with your families. This strategy replaces the need for a ‘template’ of activities to be displayed for the program. 

The documentation panels or online learning threads are constructed over the entire week, therefore makes the children’s  learning an authentic process of visibility. 

This replaces the need for daily dairies, online daily information or daily planning

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What about individual child planning?

The ROSE way has three layers to capturing the learning and individual child.  

Layer 1: The tracking system – as the children contribute to the term E-book they are tracked using a detailed tracking document, that is included in this pack. This means that it is easy to ensure all children are captured and removes the need for ‘focus children’. Rather you can capture the authentic learning relationships of the children as they engage and develop

Layer 2: The tracking system then informs the ‘Image of the Child’ document (included in the ROSE way package).  This document has a focus on the  individual child’s dispositions of learning and families throughout the year. This is replaces individual planning of activities of the children and replaces this with educators reflecting and developing strategies to support children’s dispositions and emotional development

Layer 3 - The ROSE way ‘Summative Assessment’ tool shares the individual journey of the child at two points over the year, mid-year and end of year. 

This replaces the need for:

  1. individual observations once a month and/or 1 group observation once a month

  2. individual portfolios for the child

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Where is the work linked with Early Years Learning framework and EC theory?

E-Books are a constructed document and added to ongoing over the 10 week term. This is the space where learning is linked to the EYLF and EC Theory concepts.

Educators will consider the evolution of the play.  Much like the documentation panels or online learning threads the E-book demonstrates the entire journey on the children over the term and replaces the fragmented snippets of time that learning stories construct.

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When do I write critical reflections?

It is essential that both educators and children have opportunity to develop and evolve their learning and understanding before critical reflection is engaged in.  In the ROSE Way these occur mid-term and end of term

The critical reflection tool that is included in the pack you will receive contains reflective questions to consider, assisting your educators in writing a high-quality reflection.   Examples of high quality written critical reflection comes in the pack.

This replaces the need for daily or weekly reflections.

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Interview with Approved Provider of NT Explorers using the ROSE Way planning framework